Excelsior Victorinox – Pen Knife

I am pretty sure I got this one at the Airforce Rod and Gun club in Ktown in the early 2000s.  It came with a nice pouch or shelve to keep wear to minimum.  It’s an 84mm knife and its good for opening boxes or post.  It does not feel much like a  knife for camping its more a gentleman’s pocket knife.  I carry it in rotation to work of small thin knives.

“The Excelsior is a fairly uncommon Victorinox knife (although see History below ).
It is very similar to the common Pocket Pal, but includes a keyring.
There is also a model with Silver Checkered Alox Scales and no keyring.”  (From the SAKWikki)

To me the scale stamp is very different than others.  The tang stamp only has rostfrie on one side no other markings.  So the date is hard to pin point.


SAK – Victorinox 111mm Hunter

Have two of the 111mm hunter’s one in green and one red.  The one reviewed today is Red.  The only thing that locks on this knife is the Blade with a side lock.

“The Hunter is a 111mm Slide-Lock Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. This model includes a small curved gutting blade with a serrated edge, as well as the 111mm version of the opener Combo Tool. Both of these tools are not very common. This model is quite light weight given the tool selection and compared to other 111mm models”

I think I paid 42 euro for it.  It also gets dirty pretty quick in my hunting jacket.



Wenger Commander

The Wenger Commander is a 2 layer 85mm Swiss Army Knife featuring the basic tool set, but including a nail file/cleaner rather than a small blade. I purchased on ebay.de for 5.50 Euro.  Its very dirty and the all the markings are worn off the scales.  Based on the Tang Stamps it was built between 1990 and 2000.  One thing I noticed with my Wenger’s they seem much easier to open.  The springs are not so tight.  I think it makes more usable very used.